RAVES / Testimonials from Purrfect LV guests!

We had so much fun at the Riviera Penthouse last night! The people were very friendly and attractive and the atmosphere was perfect. This was our first event and we look forward to many more! So happy to be members. See you again soon!
MrandMrsHottMess, Vegas
Being complete and total first timers to anything related to the lifestyle we have nothing to compare our experience to. Having said that the PurrfectLV party on July 12th was an incredibly great intro! No pressure and just a great leaning experience all around. The hosts were friendly and informative and everyone we met there was respectful and very happy to learn of our inexperience. It was a great time and we will be back!
Kureus Couple,
I LOVE how amazingly friendly and welcoming Iman is for new friends and visitors to Las Vegas. Every single time I send a note with a question, a request, etc. I get a fast response and an sweet note back - like I'm writing a close friend. Iman is like having a long-term friend and playmate in Las Vegas, and I would encourage ANYONE visiting the area to reach out to her with questions or for advice - you'll never be disappointed 🙂
Chris , Salt Lake City, UT
What Can we Say! Iman and her team at Purrfect LV are AMAZING!!!! We appreciate all your support in helping the women and children here at Safe Nest!!!! Your generosity is ASTOUNDING!!!!!!


We would like to thank you for another great Halloween party!! We meet a lot of amazing people enjoyed the environment! We will see you for AVN!!!
Dave and Dominique , Las Vegas
The PurrfectLv Party is awesome. Beautiful people, amazing atmosphere, accommodating staff, and music to get everybody moving. Thumbs up for Iman for putting this appropriately named event together. Purrfect!
Kathlene, Las Vegas
We enjoyed the AVN weekend party very much. The hotel is quite nice, and will be even better after the upcoming reno is done later this year. Would like to see the playrooms open longer-- maybe 12:00-3:00.
John Lewellyn,
My girlfriend and I went to a purrfectlv party recently and had a blast. Everyone was so nice and the vibe was great. We felt comfortable from beginning to end. The venue was very suitable for socializing and play. We were on the penthouse level of the Riviera so the view was amazing. The DJ spinned great music all night long and the bartender poured good drinks. The best part of the night was winning a free trip to Cancun from SDC.com. It was an absolute amazing experience.
We'll be back!

Chris & Ash, Las Vegas
There's lifestyle parties, then there's PurrfectLV parties which set the bar very high in terms of class, sophistication, and ambiance. Iman goes out of her way to ensure that everyone has a great time and feels comfortable at her events - you will not meet a more genuine, sincere and caring hostess. Bring your dancing shoes and prepare to have a great time!!
Rob, Atlanta, GA

Robert Prusak, Atlanta,GA
We had an amazing time at the suite. Don't be fooled by the old riviera as the rooms were spacious clean with great views. The crowd was professional and nice and friendly. Took a bit for the playtime to begin but once it did, wow!!!! The staff is friendly and the men are handsome as well Thanks for the nice evening. Was a blast
newadventures41, Las Vegas
We attended the Vegas Heat events during AVN week and everything was great. The Ainsworth Party on Thursday was really good, the Foundation Room Party on Friday was even better (best view in Vegas) and the Saturday Suite Party at the Riviera was over the top. An entire floor of Penthouse Suites!!! One was made into a "club" with music and dancing. The others were open for conversation and/or playing. We are looking forward to attending Iman's events on our next trip to Vegas. H2454545 on SLS
H2454545, Western PA
We attended Saturday night only with friends. We arrived to the party around 10:30pm and there was approximately 20 people there. We couldn’t handle the low energy so we went to the Hard Rock and came back at midnight. The room was filled. Everyone was nice that we spoke with. The venue has easy parking and a great location. Our group mutually agreed that although the DJs played decent music, they kept interrupting the music to shout “Are you ready to party, Las Vegas?” or other things similar. This disrupted the vibe a bit, as most people just wanted to dance or have concersation. I will say that this DJ was better than last year’s DJ. The bartenders, check in staff and security were friendly and the coat check was appreciated.
JULIE Lane, Las Vegas, NV
Amazing host and awesome venue.

Iman throws the best parties .. CONSISTANTLY

Looking forward to the next one
william and kat

william and kat, United States
From the time you get in the elevator and push P for the Penthouse, to the corridor where you are escorted to the meet n greet, to the friendly and fun bartenders, to the kickass music, to the sexy people .... this place is happenin’!!!!! The 2-story playrooms for after party play are clean, big, comfortable and impressive with the Sin City view! Great place to meet not only locals but plenty of visitors as well!!! Don’t pass up the PURRFECT Party!!!!
GreedyGirl, Las Vegas
This is my second Vegas event and each time they get better and better! The parties are amazing and the people are awesome! Evon is amazing! She always makes sure you satisfied and happy with the events;) We now have a fun group of 6 couples that will be attending every event!
Jaimes, CA
Enjoyed the Meet and Greets at Ainsworth - great crowd there. Heard the Rivera was awesome though we got distracted early and did not make it 🙂 We did feel some huge opportunities were missed for day time events - especially a DJ and afternoon pool party. This is something you could even get a couple or two going to the event to help organize.
Steve & Chris, NC
We recently attended our first ever. Party was well organized. Bar had a big selection of drinks and they served very good drinks. Everything was clean. Last and the most important thing of all, everybody was really friendly including the hosts. We met a very nice couple and had a good time.
Thank you for the great party. We will definitely attend another party by this hostess, on our next visit to Vegas

Zack & Kate, New York
Purrfect LV was only our second event and we had a great time! It has set the highest standards so far for being a classy and more sophisticated atmosphere 😉
Kissmouse, Riverside, CA
This was our first time at a Purrfect event and we are happy to say that the other testimonials were right! We very sexy and exciting night with many hot couples in a nice penthouse suite. We look forward to next weeks party!
J & S, Las Vegas
I had to write this note to let you know how much I enjoyed my visit to Las Vegas. Your hospitality, upscale environment, just everything made it a night to remember. Can't wait to go back again. Thanks Iman!!!
Lola, SFO

Lola, CA
I attended Imans Purrfect party for the first time at the Ainsworth last Saturday night. The room is inviting with plenty of seating. The crowd was friendly and attractive and...I truly enjoyed myself. I am looking forward to attending a lot more and I'm sure I will not be disappointed!!!
Last week was our first time and we loved it!
WOW...where do we begin? First off, Iman has got to be half super hero to juggle all of the things required to make these events come together as successfully as she does. We were in town attending the AVN's and ended up talking some swinger friends (that were nominated for AVN awards) to check out the Winter Dirty Vegas party with us that taking place across the street. Upon arriving, Iman welcomed us with both arms. Unfortunately it was the last night of the event so we only saw a snap shot of the whole event but we will definitely be coming back for more PurrfectLV parties in the future and plan to promote them across all of our Love2Mingle party connections & networking peers. Can't wait to go to more!!!
Love2Mingle, Phoenix & Seattle
We attended a Purrfectlv event at the Riviera this weekend. She is a fantastic host and puts on a great event. This event started a very memorable weekend for us. Nice looking people in a safe environment. Purrfectlv events will be our go to when we are in town.
K & D,
Sophisticated High Class Swinging to a New Level, like what I saw on episode of Nip/Tuck. Everyone was well dressed, and easy to approach. The couples were from Russia, UK, LA, and AZ, as well as discreet white collar locals, the single men were minimal, white collar & athletic.

All rooms softly lighted, sky lights throughout, and the bathrooms had spa tubs which anyone could and did use by 4am. Doors had to stay open, but it's classy!! and massive with 2 adjoining penthouse suites.

The mixer room was separate & had 3 dj's, 2 cash bar staff of fine liquor and beer, the staff did NOT lurk around or peep/stare, and stayed out of the rooms!

Compare it to other clubs, and you'll find membership needed for clientel of lower class level, employees lurking, and vibe just missing, and more voyeurs.

If you're educated and seasoned to Las Vegas scene; you'd agree that this venue should be PurrfectLA.com not PurrfectLV http://www.purrfectlv.com

equineboy, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Had a blast at the PURRFECTLV party at the Answorth Lounge Hard Rock. the people were hot, the music was, and I mean this seriously, INCREDIBLE!! Great Dj... Met some old friends and made some new ones. We can't wait to go back again....
Fidel & Jeni, Las Vegas
We have always have the great time when we attend perrfect party ! Imon is the best always makes sure all are need are met and always has some new friends to meet. We can't wait till the next time we can come out and play
David Barnaby, Las Vegas
We would like to Thank Imon for another wonderful Halloween party! We had a wonderful time! We will also be attending the Halloween day party on Tuesday!!!!
David Dominique , Las Vegas
Wow….this was a GREAT event. The Ainsworth was the ‘Purrfect’ venue for this and it could not have been more organized for the sexy crowd in attendance. We had a fantastic time and we look forward to another event here. PurrfectLV knows how to do it. First class, upscale and well marketed to the right group of people. Thanks for having us. XOXOXO – MrsSDcouple
Thank you for your assistance this past week in learning about PurrfectLV, Purrfect Touch events and getting registered for the event to be held in Las Vegas on Saturday April 13th. I visited your Facebook page last night and entered a friend request. Your content here and there has made me all the more anxious to attend, socialize and make new like-minded friends. Being new to all this, we are feeling more and more comfortable as the time draws near just from your initial responses. We truly look forward to meeting you and others in the future.
Skip Tracer, AZ
I attended both Friday and Saturday events and had a great time! Assuming that you use the same space in the future, my only constructive feedback would be to have the hotel provide approximately 10 lowboy cocktail tables with 4-5 chairs each. They will do this at no charge and you can charge a nominal fee for this seating. I have been in the Special Event business for 20 years and there was definitely enough floor space to do this.
Also, I am not sure if the DJ was the same on both Friday and Sat nights but I did hear a few comments that the music was better and more varied on Sat night and I would agree.
Thanks for a great time!

Robin T, Las Vegas
We visited Vegas for AVN week and got the complete package from PURRFECTLV which was very reasonable priced we might suggest. We stayed at the Hard Rock which was across the street within walking distance to the Rumor. The parties were very well attended, and we met several attractive couples and singles 😉 The venues for 2 parties were sexy clubs atop famous upscale hotels ... very nice. People dressed to impress. One of the early Meet n Greets was at the Rumor with very good attendance also ... attractive couples and playrooms hosted by generous hosts. The other exclusive Meet and Greet was at a very upscale club also .. at the Hard Rock. We had fun at every event and plan on attending next year too. Even the shuttle limo bus rides to the venues were fun .. some had stripper poles. We highly recommend PURRFECTLV for AVN week ! Kristi and Doc Dallas, Texas
Kristi and Doc, Dallas, TX
Best swinger party ever! Unbelievably gorgeous women of every color, age, shape, and size! Very respectful men too! Great DJ, and cheap drinks. I've partied all over California in the lifestyle, and hands-down this was the best swinger event I've ever been to!!!
Jenny, Las Vegas
We recently attended our first ever. Party was well organized. Bar had a big selection of drinks and they served very good drinks. Everything was clean. Last and the most important thing of all, everybody was really friendly including the hosts. We met a very nice couple and had a good time.

Thank you for the great party. We will definitely attend another party by this hostess, on our next visit to Vegas

Zack & Kate, New York
Attended Friday pool party meet and greet and Fun Room! Had an amazing time and will definitely be attending several more events! Host is great and her staff did a great job
RICHARD Douglass, Las Vegas
I'm sure this comment won't end up on our page. We were told there would be after parties every night as we had made it clear we were not into Meet and Greet night club parties. On Thursday and Friday night the location of after parties was spread by word of mouth! No one responded to our texts or questions. We were staying at the Rumor Hotel. Apparently there was an after party but the room was too small to accommodate many people so it was Puurfect's best kept secret. We were notified of Saturday's big after party. In all honesty I can say after attending Saturday's after party, we missed nothing, absolutely nothing!
Michael and Vicki Jackson, Las Vegas, NV
I've been here with my fiance for about a year. We haven't had time to make friends so were hoping this will help.
Calvin , Henderson
We have only great things to say about Iman and purrfect lv.
She puts a lot of time and effort into making the experience memorable. She connects and creates a unique vibe. Congrats

Marc andi irene, San Diego
Iman great party on Saturday 06/22/2013. Wow, what a great time. It is amazing how you still got your touch after all these years. Great crowd, great people, great location and great hosts. What more can you ask for...
Steve L, Las Vegas
My man and I attended the Purrfect LV Party last Friday and had the best time. It was our first time attending and it was so much fun. Everyone was very friendly and there were lots of sexy people there! We will certainly be returning! Thanks for the good time! 😉
Playdatecouple, Las Vegas
We've been going to PurrfectLV events as far back as when we first started in the lifestyle and love coming to them. Iman is so accommodating and sweet it is always on our list of things to do when in Vegas! Thank you Iman!
Sean, California
To Iman and all of the Purrfect LV guests,
Safe Nest women and children want to send a shout all for all your continued support throughout the year!
We couldn't do half the things we do without your support!

Tammy Morrison, Las Vegas
Iman was a great host, introducing us to other hot couples. The music and crowd was super hot!! Highly recommend upgrading to bottle service. Great value and server was smoking hot and very friendly!! A must party if your in town for the weekend!! Thanks Iman!!
Brian n Natalie, Newport Beach, CA
Army Soldier and wife venturing into this lifestyle for the first time ( not including watching porn or my wife make out with another girl). We are both wanting to take it to the next level.
Remi Harris, Barstow, CA
The PURRFECTLV Parties are DA Bomb! An exciting and sexually charged venue yet while maintaining it's classy & elegant ambiance. Do NOT pass on the opportunity to attend one of these AWESOME parties and/or events. You will NOT be disappointed!!!
COCKPIT, Las Vegas
What an awesome venue! The club at the palms was great and the band was the sexiest we have ever seen, they rocked that place from start to finish and there were so many hot and sexy people from all over the planet. From now on we will make this top of list when ever we are in vegas. Steven and Tina
steven wand tina, arizona
I LOVE how amazingly friendly and welcoming Iman is for new friends and visitors to Las Vegas. Every single time I send a note with a question, a request, etc. I get a fast response and an sweet note back - like I'm writing a close friend. Iman is like having a long-term friend and playmate in Las Vegas, and I would encourage ANYONE visiting the area to reach out to her with questions or for advice - you'll never be disappointed 🙂
Chris , Salt Lake City, UT
Amazing night!! The 1st of many to come for MunkeyBarz... nice people, great vibe, awesome party!
Munkey Mike, Las Vegas AVN after party
Every time we have attended one of the Purrfect LV Events small or large they are the most comfortable and enjoyable no matter what level of play you are at they always make all welcome and it's the best place for anyone that is a swinger/lifestyle person or couple that is open minded and looking for that extra place to go while either visiting Vegas or even for the Locals to have a fun night out. I highly recommend checking out one or all of her events! Deeanna & Wes
Deeanna and Wes, Las Vegas, NV
Dear Iman…Thank you for bringing back the ultimate and exclusive adult playground in Vegas… my husband and I are looking forward sharing, once again, another amazing night alongside you and the sexy guests of Purrfect LV…

Michelle, Miami, Florida
Iman puts on such a GREAT event! Great venue, not too large or small, great setups (you MUST do the VIP pass - it's the bargain of Vegas clubbing), and a room full of sexy singles and couples. Had a fun time and met a number of great new friends as well ... a must do when in Vegas, and a must do over when coming back! 🙂
Chris, Utah
Got the 4day pass from 1-24-18/1-27-18 people where friendly nice crowd. Bottle service was overpriced to the point most tables where not reserved and still used for free by other guests. And the Athena ballroom was never used as advertised. And the play rooms where opened way to late. Most ppl where drunk by then.
Could have had LS fun at a vanilla venue for cheaper. And used our own rooms. Like we did anyways.
Next yr we will stay where the avn are actually happening.

Casualfrnship, San Antonio
We attended last Saturday the 22nd! It flat out rocked. Beautiful people doing beautiful things!!
Larry and Jami, Purrfecylv Ainsworth
Iman knows how to ensure everyone and every couple enjoys themselves. From finding single guys to play with my wife, to finding me something different than the daily same old thing, it is always so much fun. Always a first class setting, always a wonderful experience.
Charlie Vogt, Frisco, TX
Quite literally a cut above the rest! She describes it perfectly as a “Sexy & Elegant private lifestyle event”.

PurrfectLV occupies a beautiful penthouse that affords sweeping views of The Strip. Widely regarded as one of the best places in town to enjoy a night out with classy couples, sexy singles, and great music from a smooth DJ. Meeting the beautiful hostess with her vivacious style is how you will start your evening of fun..

The nightspot features a swank, candlelit area where patrons relax at cozy tables while listening to hot dance music. Plenty of space to let out your wild side with a few of the other sexy visitors… Guests needing a bit of fresh air can make their way out to one of two open-air terraces.

You are greeted by the big smile of the bartender.. A full bar serves drinks galore…

Thank you so much for making our night in Vegas one to remember! PurrfectLV is a MUST-visit for our next erotic adventure…

........Sensual Submission

Sensual Submission, Anaheim, CA
Iman is one sexy and sweet lady. She throws great parties. we would recommend her and her parties to anyone. she is a gracious host and a very sexy woman
the2ofus89032, Vegas
Was a great event but a few things could definitely be better!! 1. All guest should be booked building by building not just thrown wherever there are rooms available. I don’t like leaving my room just to see a family with small children right next door. 2. This years playroom was amazing but unlike last year there should have been other rooms available for playing. 3 there was a lot of confusion to where everyone was and to where they were going. 4. Drink price fluctuation they were a different price every time you’d get a drink?
Joe Olechowski, Vegas soirée
If you are looking for one of the sexiest and classiest parties the lifestyle in Vegas has to offer, then the PURRFECTLV is your spot! There is always a great mix of beautiful, fun people looking for a good time, every Saturday night at the Ainsworth Lounge! We highly recomend Imans events! Wether you are a local or visiting Vegas the parties don't get any better then this!!!! XoXoX
Springcanyon, Las Vegas, NV
We have never been to Purrfect Party before but we new sure glad that we came to Vegas for one. The Soiree Event was well put together and had a lot of class. We partied and played all night. We have never been to a party with that many beautiful woman and men in one room. The music was all dance music and the play room for this event was the best i ever saw at a hotel. All I can say is thank you Iman. We will be back when you have another party of that size.
LovelyLeos, Portland,OR
We have attended these partys for 8 yrs and enjoy all of them meet new people all the time and love to see old friends made over the years Lot of sexy naughty fun going on everywhere.all you got to do is not be shy say hi to someone and let the naughty times begain
DoubleD, Las Vegas
We really enjoy the events. They are sexy and the people there are extremely attractive and into the event.
FunsouthVegasCPL, United States
We attended our first New Years Eve with Purrfect LV and we had a great time! It was the highlight of our evening! Iman is a great host and we look forward to attending more events in the future!! Thanks Iman!! R & S, Florida
Rich, Miami, FL
My boyfriend and I went to the pool party at the Palazzo today. The people were amazing, especially the hostess, Cia! She made us feel so comfortable and at home. We will definitely go to another event when we are back in this area!
Jackie and Andrew

Jackie Ptaschinski, Las Vegas, Nevada
I thought it was great, the people where friendly and the only thing I would change is next time have finger foods.
Mark R Taylor, Las Vegas
I just attended one her parties at Ceasars the Other Room. Great venue, and even better people. What an incredible host!!! She makes everone feel welcome and ensures everyone has a good time. This has just become a must do on every trip to vegas. Will definetly be back!!!

Thanks Again

T, St Louis
Great party! Iman is a superb hostess, the mix of people was fantastic, and the Ainsworth is a great spot. I will definitely be back!
Cat, United States
We have been to many lifestyle events hosted by Iman and have always had a great time. It was a recent trip though where she really impressed us. Traveling with vanilla friends we put Iman to work on getting us tables at popular clubs on a Sat and Sun night. Not only did she get us in but she got us bottle service for some great prices. We even got to see Nelly perform at Drai's for half of the posted rate. Thank you for making our vanilla trip as fun as many of our lifestyle trips.
Brian and Erin,
We always look forward to PurfectLV events.
We love how well organized they are.
PurfectLV always hosts the hottest and best parties.

We love making new friends and checking out all the hot and sexy lifestyle attendees

We are looking forward to next year's event.

william and gabby, www.sex-y.org
Fabulous evening! Iman is a great host. She is very kind and completely dedicated to her job. She goes out of her way to always make everything perfect at every event. I highly recommend her parties to everyone I meet.
#PurrfectLv #LasVegas #V.I.P.

Jenny Brooks, Las Vegas
Thank you Iman and all of Purrfect team for a wonderful event. The friendliness and upscale environment made the whole weekend a memorable trip. Not to mention all the sexy couples. Look forward to attending other events throughout the year and especially heading back again for Vegas Heat next year. Thanks again Iman!!!!!!
V & J, Indiana
Thanks so much for putting together such an awesome event. We had a great time. Not only did we get to hang out with other sexy couples but also won a trip to Desire Resort in Cabo! Thanks so much!!! We’ll see you next time we are in Vegas.
Great party! We had a wonderful time. Excellent venue, great energy, and hot guests! Thank you and we look forward to attending more of your parties in the future.
Iman, thanks for all you did to make the party on March 9th, 2013 a blast. I had a great time and followed your advice about getting a VIP table, completely worth it and in the center of the action. Thanks again!
Ken, Texas
The Purrfect party was one of the highlights our trip to Vegas! The venue FIZZ was absolutely amazing and the couples in attendance are some if the sexiest you will ever see. Our hostess was amazing and gorgeous. On our next visit the Purrfect party will be at the top of our list of things to do.
Iman was incredibly helpful and accommodating and helped us transfer our tickets to a local friend when we coudn't attend her recent AVN event. She was accommodating, helpful and professional and we really appreciated it!
Erica, Charlotte
My wife and I attended our first MegaSuite After Party and we had the time of our lives. We loved the vibe and the people! Looking forward to attending future events on our next trip to Vegas! Thanks Iman! RJ, Miami
Rich, Miami
We enjoyed an incredibly fantastic, sexy evening at Purrfect LV on June 13th. We met and played with several attractive couples, enjoyed great music. The hostess, security and bar staff was incredibly friendly, professional and helpful. The venue was fantastic and we have not been to such a wonderful event in a long time!

Thanks for a great evening!

Mary & James, Palos Verdes, CA
We recently attended our first "PurrfectLV Penthouse Party" and can't wait to return for more. The entire evening was wonderfully fun and sexy. Upon our arrival, we visited with the beautiful host who has made these events possible. She was warm and welcoming and helped us with all the basics. We received a tour of the location from a charming and attractive gentleman... loved the upscale ambiance that included a 28th floor view of the strip and romantic lighting throughout the spacious rooms. We met numerous attractive couples throughout the evening and enjoyed dancing for over 1 hour on the dance floor. In summary, this was a great experience and we look forward to future adventures with our new PurrfectLV friend(s).
GenieWishes, Los Angeles
To Iman and the Rest of Team Purrfect:
Just wanted to say thanks for putting the smiles on the faces of many children here in the Las Vegas Valley! The toys were given to children who are fleeing domestic violence. Many of these children arrive at our shelter without anything but the clothes on their backs! We are so grateful to have you as a partner in the Las Vegas community! You truly have made a difference!
Our Sincerest Thanks,
The Children’s Program at Safe Nest

Lauren, Las Vegas
In Vegas for business and found an event...and it was just an elevator ride down at HRH. Entrance and service well managed yet open, such that 2 vanilla couples that I invited from a biz dinner felt comfortable to attend and get into the dancing, grinding, socializing...so comfortable that I now wonder.
Conscious, Newport Beach, CA
This is more of a complaint. We attended the Thursday night event. The party was fine and we had bottle service. Our server was great. The problem we had was the after party. This was our first time trying the lifestyle or any type of party. There were three suites for the after party. We went to the first suite and there were a few couple and a lot of single males. We attempted to go to the other two suites but could not get in. The people that answered the door said they got shot down, which seemed very fishy.
Tony and Jenny, Indiana
My date and I attended our first PurrfectLV event held at the Riviera penthouse suite last month in April. We could not have asked for a better experience. Upon checking in, we were greeted with warm and welcoming smiles from the staff. Iman was an amazing hostess and made my date and I feel very welcomed. There were lots of fun, attractive, respectful people in attendance that night. The live DJ had everyone dancing and the reasonably priced bar made sure that our drinks kept flowing. I would recommend a PurrfecttLV event to anyone living in or visiting Vegas who is looking for a classy upscale party. I will definitely be attending another one in the very near future!!!
J, Las Vegas
We've attended several of Iman's parties and she's an exceptional hostess! She makes introductions, has great follow up, and even will help you book rides to and from or even to a strip club:-) Thanks, Iman, for all that you do!


Cinful, Whittier, CA
Thank you for your continued support for the women and children at Safenest!!:) We were able to achieve our goal which was to keep all the children's clothes, toys, school supplies and much more on property!:) We will be able to accommodate for more families coming into shelter. Thank you for making a difference in their lives and giving them a new beginning:)
Tmon, Las Vegas
Great party! Sexy and beautiful crowd.

-DJ Dblplay

John Dblplay Palma,
We love the new venue for the Saturday night parties. The Herreae has a great dance floor, Zowie Bowie is always great, and the waiters were having fun as well!
Lisa, Vegas
The Purrfect Party at the Ainsworth is Awesome! We go every weekend Love it! Iman is so sweet and helpful and the after partys are great! Always a sexy group of people! Its PURRFECT GIMME MORE Becky
Becky , Las Vegas, NV
We were in town for Bday and attended AVN.The highlight was going to PURRFECTLV party at Ainsworth.We would highly recommend for out of town visitors looking for an upscale party with great hostess.Will definitely be there on our next trip.
norcal69er, yuba city,ca
This was a wonderful event. We came in from CA for the weekend and had lots of fun there. Iman was great setting up our VIP table (bottle of champagne inc!!!) and made the whole process super easy. Everyone there was very friendly and lots and lots of hot couples and single people. Will definitely be going again the next time we are in Vegas. If you will be visiting I recommend this event.
Hesh-ke Edwards, San Juan Capistrano
This was the first time in our 15 years of marriage that we have ever gotten up enough courage to attend an event like this. It has always been a bedroom fantasy of ours to enjoy another couple and we finally got that chance thanks to the purrfect play party. My husband and I met some beautiful, open minded people, and our first experience was incredible. Thank you Iman for making such a very special night for us!
Kasey & Dave, Denver
Iman set up a very nice location with Fizz. It was our first event and definitely look forward to attending a Voodoo party (possibly with bottle service this time) very soon!
Vegas9, Las Vegas
"This Purrfect Penthouse Party is a classy event starting off with the gracious hostess, that introduces everyone and makes you feel welcomed, with an amazing D.J., the spectacular views from the room will set the mood for an adult evening in the play rooms."
invegaschick, las vegas NV
We attended the 2013 Halloween event at the Ainsworth in the Hard Rock.....one of the best parties we have been to - in the "lifestyle" or otherwise! Well organized - MANY gorgeous people - and the hostess was ALWAYS available and checking on our needs. We will definitely be attending more Purrfect events - this was our first of many more! Thank you for an amazing evening!!
GRLGRLONLY at Swinglifestyle, Vegas locals
Phenomenal parties for AVN weekend. All the logistics were first rate and the people were smoking hot. Couldn't ask for a better way to celebrate. If you're visiting LV definitely reach out to Iman and ask for advice.
Bob and Jackie, Las Vegas, NV

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